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the newest title in the Hines’ series of workplace training resources
Inside Track: Executives Coaching Executives


JUST PUBLISHED – What to Say and How to Say It-72 Courageous Conversations for the Workplace-Emotional Intelligence Skills


“LOVE LOVE LOVE your book. Am having more courageous conversations.” Cindy K. (Chicago)


“The C. W. HINES and Associates team facilitated our teams to a complete turnaround that led to award winning results. We will continue to use them and recommend them highly to others.” CEO, Fortune 100 company (New York)


“Through their executive and team coaching techniques, our entire leadership team is functioning at higher level with much less detracting tension.” Kevin B., Division Director, Federal Agency (Washington, DC)


“Our organization continues to call on the services of C. W. Hines. The quality of their services and their contractual reliability produce outstanding results.” Jeff. L, Veterans Service Agency, Los Angeles


“Learning and practicing emotional intelligence skills have changed our lives for the better thanks to how Carolyn and Bill Hines helped us to make sense of what it all means. Their book, What to Say and How to Say It is required for our entire organization.” K. Watson, Dallas


“There are consultants and then there are CONSULTANTS EXTRAORDINAIRE! The Hines group produces the most outstanding results of all the consultants with whom we have worked in our 37 years in business!” C. Clark, Richmond, VA.


“What to Say and How to Say It is a bite sized book that provides a satisfies you with a buffet of skills!” (Dr. Andrea Mullins)


“Whether you are talking or listening or doing neither or both, What to Say and How to Say It fills in the blanks through uplifting and practical skills. We are purchasing copies for our entire company.” (David Saunders, CEO)


“This little book packs a mighty punch of solid, useful skills. I am giving it as a gift to all of my clients this year and to my children!” (C James-Phoenix, Ariz)


“Finally a truly helpful tool that can be used a tool-kit for many of life’s situations–not just in the workplace. What to Say and How to Say It–72 Courageous Conversations for the Workplace helps Crucial Conversations to be even more useful. Thank you, Hineses for providing a much needed TOOL!” (S Turner-Chicago)


“I wanted to pass along that I used some of your skills from What to Say and How to Say It on Friday and earlier today. Both conversations were with the director of my daughter’s school, after a particularly upsetting incident. Before I made that phone call and before we went to the school this morning, we looked at the book chapter 5 and chapter 6 and decided to be strategic, handle our emotions, and get the entire picture from both sides. We felt comfortable with what they told us.


A year ago, my husband would have burned a hot path to the school and kicked everyone’s BEEP. A year ago, I would have reacted over-emotionally instead of rationally. And then had to apologize. So just wanted to say thanks. I am a work in progress, but your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. I appreciate the book, and your time. I am happy to have met you and since last year, I have been working on myself with so much of the advice you have graciously doled out to me.” (ML-Murfreesboro, NC)