Coaching and Counseling for Work Success

A major fundamental of management and supervision is the ability to bring out the best in your employees. This often involves the need to coach and counsel employees in order to improve work performance and/or to sustain expected performance.

As a result of attending this intensive two-day professional development seminar, you will be able to apply elements of the Integrated Development System model to COACHING and COUNSELING in order to:
• Understand the difference between coaching and counseling
• Determine when coaching and counseling may be needed to support the change process
• Use the FACE-TO-FACE model for more successful coaching, conflict resolution and for facilitating problem solving
• Address “attitudes” and “feelings” for more positive outcomes
• Improve customer service
• Apply the technique of performance questions to coaching and performance (quality work application)
• Better manage problem employees
• Enhance more effective teamwork

LENGTH of Seminar: 2 days
Number of Participants Per Session: 25-30

Professional development training created and presented by: C.W. HINES and Associates, Inc.