Our proven track record shows how we help individuals and organizations achieve extraordinary professional goals, high performing teams, and leadership success through executive and team coaching, training, and practical consulting services.


energystarC. W. Hines & Associates has recently been designated an Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star Partner, and also, a Workplace Partnership for Life for Organ, Tissue, Marrow and Blood Donation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


What’s the force behind those colleagues who appear to suddenly “surge” with breakthrough thinking or plum assignments? Success can often be traced to executive coaching from a professional, a well-respected colleague, or a combination of the two. Read this important work that examines a neglected area of executive leadership development.

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whattosayWhat to Say and How to Say It-72 Courageous Conversations for the Workplace-Emotional Intelligence Skills

“This little book packs a mighty punch of solid, useful skills. I am giving it as a gift to all of my clients this year and to my children!” (CJames-Phoenix, Ariz)


We are executive and workplace development, consulting and training experts

Our programs and services provide dynamic, effective personal and professional development tools

We help organizations and individuals overcome the barriers to successful communication, teamwork, and leadership success.

For 2010-2017, 7 of our most requested programs and services are:

  •  Coaching and Counseling for Work Success
  • Communicating More Effectively in a Diverse Work Environment
  • Communications 600: Advanced Skills for Relationship Building
  • Customer Service: Building a Caring Culture
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Building/Team Development
  • Emotional Intelligence Skill Building

Please see the full list of our most requested workforce coaching, training and consulting services.

From our training programs and professional experience we have also developed training resources, including books and pamphlets. Check out the full range of human and workforce development titles authored by CW Hines and Associates.

coupleThe services provided by C. W. Hines & Associates, Inc. embrace managing a culturally diverse workforce through the practice of caring competencies™. We are human development specialists with varied, significant experience in the workplace, able to address a variety of human resource management and organizational development needs.

We view workers as human capital, rather than “cogs in a wheel.” Integrating state-of-the-art methods of analysis and implementation, the professionals of C. W. Hines & Associates impart knowledge and skills through designing and implementing consultancy, coaching, counseling and training programs and services.